Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Viva Global Workers Struggle.

Viva Global (Plot No 413, Phase III, Udyog Vihar, Gurgaon) is a major supplier of kid’s and ladies garments to Marks & Spencer, one of the biggest brands in United Kingdom, which spends much money each year to publicise their commitment to the workers’ who make clothes for them.

Lunch Time Vigil on 13th Sept 2010 by the Workers of Viva Global
Being held at Continental Carriers, Another Company Owned by Vipin Vohra.
Workers of Continental Carriers, Also Sufferring Like VG Workers
Have Extended Solidarity to the VG Workers' Struggle.
After bearing blatant violation of almost all labour laws in Viva Global including non payment of minimum wages and illegal and forced termination of workers and all other kind of unfair labour practices, Viva Global workers joined Mazdoor Ekta Manch, a platform of workers in Gurgaon and subsequently Garment and Allied Workers Union(GAWU).

The GAWU had informed M&S of violations in Viva Global and urged M&S to call a tripartite meeting to solve these outstanding issues. Even after being the major client of Viva Global, M&S denied its power to call a tripartite meeting and possibility of sustainable solution to these issues.

Viva Global slowly started terminating workers who are members of GAWU and contracted workers through P&D Company, a notorious contractor in Gurgaon. Workers then submitted their demands to the management of Viva Global, the labour department and M&S many times in the last 6 months.

Viva Global started calling in armed goons to the shopfloor to threaten workers with life and physical violence. Around 45 workers were locked out in the presence of Police and armed goons of P&D contractors on 23rd morning.

Later on that day, after lot of pressure from GAWU and MEM, the management signed a tripartite agreement with the union and the labour department that hiring of goons and physical violence will be stopped and all locked out workers will be taken back. On 25th morning, when workers reported at the gate to go in to work, the goons hired by the management and P&D started beating workers with hockey sticks and canes and kidnapped Mr. Anwar Ansari (a permanent worker of the Factory and Union member) and detained him for 14 hours and severely injured him with hockey sticks and other blunt objects.

Mr. Anwar Ansari was released after GAWU President, Ms. Anannnya Bhattacharjee launched her indefinite hunger strike. An FIR was filed on kidnapping at Udyog vihar Police station. The workers have been sitting in front of the factory from 25th Wednesday , day and night demanding the management to enter into an agreement with the union accepting their legitimate demands.

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  1. All these type of anti-constitutional and criminal incidents are happening in Gurgaon in every single Industry where workers try to put their smallest demand to implement the labor law in the Industry.
    These Industrialists who are openly violating every labor law also get shameless support from state administration and state government.
    For these all struggles of workers we need to propagate our thoughts among major sections of the workers and other people, and try to expose all these incidents with the help of every mean of communication we have.
    This type of online exposure is a good step for this purpose and I personally support it.
    I think these incidents should also bring in the front of other people with the help of other means.